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The Red Envelope: How Hand-Written Letters Changed One Woman's Life

In February 2009, Lyn S. received a red envelope in the mail. It didn’t hold the typical Valentine greeting, rather something better than she could’ve imagined. Within that envelope were old handwritten letters from a relative long since passed—one who Lyn had always wanted to learn more about and further understand. That relative was her father.

Lyn’s dad passed away when she was only four years old. “Over the years, I tried to get a feel for him from snippets of conversations and by talking to relatives. His true personality remained somewhat of a mystery,” Lyn explained. But everything changed with that red envelope.

“That package was possibly one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received,” she said. “I’m grateful to my Aunt Carol for recognizing the importance of sharing it. I’ve gained so many insights…. I learned about his work, visits with friends, dinners and parenting…. In short, I was left with the most accurate sense of his bright personality I could have ever hoped for.”

The package also contained messages from other family members, including her grandmother, siblings and mom. It has worked as a time capsule, transporting its readers back to a previous time and place. “A few weeks later my mother and I shared an afternoon reading the letters together. Afterwards she told me she had been concerned that they would bring back sad memories. Instead, they brought her past back into focus, and she was happy to have had the opportunity to revisit it.”

As a result of these letters, Lyn and her family have been inspired to write their own letters because, as Lyn said, “The truth is, your everyday life might seem ordinary to you, but to future generations, it may just prove to be precious.”

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