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Olivia and Mike's Spring Wedding at Talamore

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I met with Olivia in October of 2018 for her March 2019 wedding. I already knew I was going to love working with her; she left plenty of time to have her invitations designed and printed. Olivia had some ideas of what she wanted and we quickly came up with a plan for the wedding invitations.

This is the second couple in a row that I am featuring that was married at Talamore Country Club (the same location that my husband and I were married at nearly 21 years ago!) I love that I had a chance to revisit that wonderful day through Olivia and Mike as they planned for their own beautiful Talamore wedding!

How did you and Mike meet?

Mike and I first met in our freshman year at York College of Pennsylvania. Mike was studying for his marketing degree and I was studying for a degree in Hospitality Management.

I had Facebook messaged him to ask about a club he had joined, we had a few messages back and forth and then he stopped responding. During our senior year my roommate, Emily, and I went to the bar one night and decided to visit our friend Collin who happened to live with Mike. As the night went on Collin came up to me and said "He remembers not messaging you back on Facebook". And the rest is pretty much history. Collin gave me Mike's number and he gave Mike mine and I waited for him to make the first move.

Tell me a little about the proposal.

We were in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving with his family. I told him I wanted to do a family photo with him and the dog at the beach for our Christmas card. I got us all matching outfits and when we were done taking photos he decided to pop the question. He and his parents were acting a bit strange so I had a suspicion that something was up.

His mom kept calling me future daughter in law (which she claims was totally by mistake). In addition, Mike HATES the beach and wearing matching outfits so when he agreed to both, I had a feeling something was coming.

What surprised you most about planning your wedding?

How not stressed I was. I figured I would be so uptight about everything because I would want it to be perfect and I was probably the calmest I had ever been. A few of my vendors even said to me the day of how calm I was..and at that point I just said "Well if it isn't done by now it won't be getting done so what's the point in stressing?"

What did you find was your best resource for planning your wedding?

From the time that we were engaged to the time we got married we attended 7 weddings. Every wedding we went to we learned a little something new every time. In addition, all my friends who had been married recently were very helpful.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day details?

I saw a picture on Pinterest of escort cards tied to a vintage key bottle opener and that's where my whimsical theme came from. My decorations were very simple 2/3 of the tables had lanterns with some sort of floral arrangement either around it or draped down from the top and the other 1/3 of the tables had a floral arrangement draped from a very thin vase.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Honestly EVERYTHING! But if I had to pick one, having everyone who loves and supports you in one room being able to see you commit your love and life to each other and having a big party after!

Best part of the wedding planning?

My mom is my best friend so honestly being able to plan such a special day with her was one of the best parts. As was picking out the food, cake, decorations, and invitations.

What advice will you give your friends getting married?

Don't get too crazy with Etsy or your budget will go right out the window. And enjoy every moment of the planning process because the day of the wedding goes by so quickly!


Ceremony and Reception Venue:  Talamore Country Club | Photographer:  James Michael Photography | Videographer:  Soft Focus Events | Florist:  An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village | Music:  Love 77- EBE Entertainment | Invitations and Programs:  Stone Hill Paperie | Uplighting:  Talamore Country Club | Photobooth:  Soft Focus Events | Dress:  Jennifer's Bridal |. Transportation:  Chics Limo & Academy Bus

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