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2020: A Year in Review

Updated: Jan 4

2020 started off with so much hope and excitement. My business was off to an amazing start with some really amazing new clients. In my personal life, my family was in a good place and I had some really exciting travel plans: Savannah in February, Los Angeles in March, Savannah again in April, Norway in June, the Outer Banks in August… Needless to say - most of that list was postponed. Instead, like everyone else, we locked down and buckled up for the long road ahead. I was so nervous about what this meant for my business and didn’t really know what to do except to take care of the couples that had entrusted me to create their wedding pieces. Between those clients, close family members and a tight bubble of friends, we did okay.

My clients were ROCKSTARS.

Photos from some of my favorite projects this year are scattered throughout this post.

These couples were heartbroken that their weddings weren’t happening when and how they initially planned. They picked up the pieces, reinvented, rescheduled and re-committed themselves to each other. Some of the weddings happened as planned with some changes, but most have been bumped to 2021. I am excited about the weddings that will take place in 2021. Those long-awaited celebrations will be worth the wait!

At the beginning of 2020 I made a list of some of the styles/pieces that I really wanted to create that year. Among the list were more letterpress and foil printed invitations, clients that wanted hand-calligraphed envelopes, custom wax seals, silk ribbons, custom watercolors, beautiful envelope liners, and more. I told myself that if I didn’t get to create with these things for clients that I would include everything that was missed in our family Christmas card. Thankfully, I had clients that wanted all of those things! So grateful for them and that my Christmas card did not end up being the most gaudy, overdone thing I ever created.

For 2021, I have so much hope and excitement again. I don’t have any travel scheduled yet, but I am so hopeful! I have some amazing re-scheduled weddings to work on and some new clients reaching out to get on the schedule. I have a wish list of styles/pieces again. I am hoping to meet more amazing people that want to try some new things with their wedding stationery and wedding day details. Otherwise, look out friends, that 2021 Hammond Christmas card could have some crazy stuff going on!

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