A Wedding Celebration Under the Stars

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Camping Wedding Invitation Suite


What began as a creative challenge led to the sweetest and coziest stationery suite that tapped into my love of nature, evenings spent roasting dinner over a fire, and past trips to our amazing National Parks. I love taking ideas and running with them and decided to ask my Instagram followers what wedding themes they would like to see in stationery. This turned out to be so inspiring and led to several creative projects including this camping under the stars wedding suite.

My followers commented with so many fun suggestions, from winter wonderland to vintage newspaper, bicycle built-for-two to a weekend camping trip. As a former Girl Scout leader, I immediately LOVED the idea of a weekend wedding with a warm color palette, cozy patterns, and campsite glowing in the quiet forest under a canopy of trees. Needless to say I ran with it!

Camp Details Card


The suite was inspired by couples I know who would forego a traditional itinerary for a quiet, rustic weekend celebrating their love with friends and family. For those who prefer a weekend of hiking, morning campfire coffee, and afternoon naps in a hammock to an urban hotel stay (but I love those too!).

The main invitation's watercolor of a glowing campsite sets the expectation for s’mores, firepits, and waking up with the forest sounds. The star filled sky twinkles between the branches of the tall evergreens. The forest floor seems lit up with fireflies and the hidden fire creates a halo of warmth.

Pandemic Camp Wedding Ideas

Of course the green and black buffalo plaid envelope liner was a must as a nod to the flannel interior of sleeping bags! The colors can all be customized of course, but I love this green which reminds me of the green on my grandparents’ 1970’s Open Road camper!

I chose fonts that added a natural, hand lettering look. The lines are loose, not straight which fits the artistic, non-traditional aeshtetic. If you look closely you'll notice the base of the letters are not all aligned, the W drops down, the E is a bit higher, and the swoosh at the N curves down. I am a fool for the ampersand and just love it here!

A wonderful couple later saw the suite and contacted me to customize it for their wedding day. It was so fun to work with them to make it their own. One of our challenges was how to creatively let guests know that food was provided for the whole weekend and they just needed to show up, camp, and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

The solution we came up with on the enclosed "food" card read:

No need to pack your mess kits for this camping trip! We have your meals covered for the weekend.

I paired this with the tree line illustration, turning it into a plate with fork and knife. The illustration was one of the little details I used through the suite to make everything cohesive and elegant.

See you under the stars!

Camping Mess Kit Card

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