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December Favorites


My Bullet Journal

I have been bullet journaling for nearly a year now. (If you’re a planner addict like I am – you seriously need to check this out!) I started compiling lists of monthly favorites last month. Here’s my list from December 2016:

Favorite Restaurant: Edge Restaurant  Edge is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We went for a late birthday dinner with some great friends. The food here was SO. GOOD. From beginning to end. Every dish. And we had a lot of them. But the dark chocolate, salted caramel tart – holy guacamole! It was a shortbread crust filled with salted caramel, topped with chocolate ganache. On the side was this insanely good rosemary whipped cream and some crystallized ginger. I have been dreaming about this all month. Guess where the Hammonds will be spending their Valentine’s dinner this year? Disclaimer: if you know me, at home – I hate going out for Valentine’s Day! But our Valentine’s dinner on another night will be at Edge!

Favorite Computer Expert: Matt Hofmann at FusionMac    If you read my last post, you’ll know I had a rough spell with Quickbooks last year (again, completely my fault). Matt has always come through for me. He recommends computers, repairs computers (whether he recommended them or not). Seriously, Matt is so patient and reassuring (even when someone calls him in a panic, tearing their hair out that they’ve deleted 6 years of their financial history). If you need someone to take care of your computer issues and mishaps, Matt is your man! You can reach Matt at matt@fusionmac.com. Make sure you tell him that I sent you!

Favorite Book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod   I actually read this book in November, but it made the most impact on my life in December. If you can get past the need for some better editing, the content is life changing. Seriously. I have made some serious changes in my life since reading this book. I love a good self-help book! A little inspiration goes a long way for me. But this book actually encouraged me to make daily changes. And I made them; little by little. As I am writing this, I am getting ready to get back to my routine with the kids’ school and our regular schedule kicking back into full gear tomorrow after the holiday break. And I am looking forward to it. Really! Feeling like something needs to give in your life? It might be you. Read this book.

Favorite App: Routinist, available for Apple and Android products. I love this app, because I can enter my own personal list of things I want to get done for the morning and evening; with timers. I know, there are a lot of people who just do what they need to do daily without any prompts. I am not one of those people. This app serves as a reminder of all of the things I would like to complete on a daily basis. It helps me a lot. If I didn’t have these reminders, I might be inclined to read or watch TV all night and hit snooze all morning.

Lesson Learned: Hard lesson learned, back up your computer regularly! And not to a folder that you might delete when your computer seems a little slow. Back it up to an external hard drive and make sure that it actually goes there. Trust me.

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