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Do You Need A Wedding Program?

Custom Wedding Program

Wedding programs are one of those things that I am seeing clients opt out of more and more often. As a guest at a wedding, I really hate to see this. A wedding program is a tool for communication and can serve so many purposes:

- It introduces your bridal party to your guests. I really like the programs that list the bridal party and how they are related to the couple (i.e. cousin of the bride, friend of the groom, etc.)

- It lets your guests participate in the wedding. They can follow along with the schedule of events for the ceremony.

- If your ceremony includes anything unique to your religion or social customs, the programs are a great place to educate your guests about any symbolism or the purpose of different parts of your ceremony.

- The program is a great place to include little notes to your guests. More and more often couples are requesting that guests not photograph the wedding or request that guests not post anything on social media until after the couple does. Many couples also include notes of thanks or memorial notes in their programs as well.

- Every once in a while couples use their programs to provide guests with directions to the reception (especially if there is construction in the area) or to inform guests of parking (especially important in the city).

- I have also had couples use the program to list their new address if they are moving in together after the wedding or have bought a new house together.

As a relatively shy person, a wedding program is a source of comfort. If I am at a wedding where I don't know many people, it gives me something to look at and gives me ideas for conversation at the wedding. "I saw in the program that you are {bride's name}'s cousin! She told me all about your work that you are doing. I am so curious about..."

A good host wants to make everyone feel comfortable. A program can be so



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