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Paige & Jason's Fall Wedding at the John James Audubon Center

Updated: Jun 19

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with Paige & Jason on the invitation design for their October wedding at The John James Audubon Center (JJAC). The stationery was a true collaboration with the bride. The JJAC is a bird sanctuary so it was only fitting to pull in a bird motif. I designed the invitations and Paige supplied the band wraps which were cut from vintage Audubon bird books. Envelopes were hand-lettered for a beautiful and utterly personal finish!

Photos by Dearly Beloved Weddings unless noted otherwise.

How did you  and Jason meet?

While I was finishing up nursing school, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment by myself with my new puppy, Bailey, and Jason had just finished school and landed a job at Merck. He needed to make the move from New York to Pennsylvania, so he spent a day in PA apartment hunting.

I happened to be walking Bailey outside my apartment at the same time Jason was taking a tour of this particular complex. He ended up choosing those apartments (I wonder why...) and we became good friends and neighbors. A few years later we finally decided to try dating and here we are!

Photos by Stonehill Paperie

Tell me about the proposal.

The proposal happened on one of the 95 degree days in May of 2018. Jason wanted me to get ready to go out to dinner, then we would walk the dog together, and lastly go out to eat.

Well, when it is over 90 degrees, there was no way that I was doing my makeup and changing out of my tank top BEFORE walking the dog, so I was stubborn and said I'd do it after.

Apparently this ruined his plan to propose in the park while walking the dog... but he thought quickly on his feet and I didn't suspect a thing.

So, Plan B: AFTER walking the dog, I got ready for dinner. But before leaving the house, Jason said we had to stop at our friends Cody and Cinthya's house to drop off a tool and have a pre-dinner cocktail. So we headed over to hang out a bit before dinner. Cinthya was showing me her new flower bed and all the plans she had for her backyard and before I knew it, she was slowly backing away and taking her phone out. Jason stepped in close and starting talking about how much I mean to him and everything, got down on one knee, and presented the most gorgeous ring! Our friends were able to capture great pictures and be there to celebrate right after. It was perfect!

What surprised you most about planning your wedding?

I was definitely most surprised at how early you had to book things in advance. I started planning right after getting engaged and we had an almost 17 month-long engagement. There were venues and vendors that were already booked for the entire fall of 2019! It made planning difficult but we are so happy with all of our choices in the end!

What was your best resource for wedding planning?

Pinterest was the best because I liked to do a lot of DIY for our wedding. The best blog with a lot of ideas on Pinterest was Something Turquoise. I got a lot of great ideas from them!

What was your inspiration for your wedding day details?

Once we picked out the venue, The John James Audubon Center (JJAC), we really tried to embrace it and take inspiration from the venue itself. Aside from the overall rustic and industrial feel, we really had fun adding the bird elements to our wedding day. After all, JJAC is a bird sanctuary so we had a birdcage for a card box and used some of John James Audubon's bird drawings as the belly band around our invitations.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Now, this is a really hard question. Can I say everything?

Seriously, we are so happy with how everything turned out. My favorite part was walking down the aisle and seeing my husband at the end and just being surrounded by all of our loved ones. It was the most special moment.

Best part of the wedding planning?

The best part of wedding planning was working alongside Jason to make decisions and see our ideas come together. We worked so well together and we found it very easy to agree on nearly everything. It helped us see and look forward to our future together!

What advice will you give your friends getting married?

Focus on your husband on your wedding day. You work so hard to make the day how you want it and it is really about you two. Don't let the stress of last-minute decisions, talking to family members, and everything else get in the way. Enjoy every minute of YOUR day how YOU want to!


Ceremony & Reception Location:  John James Audubon Center | Photographer & Videographer:  Dearly Beloved Weddings | Florist:  Bloom Flower Co. | Band: The Bachelor Boys Band | Invitations and programs:  Stone Hill Paperie | Photobooth:  MeganDan Photography | Dress:  Country Bride and Gent | Transportation: Kevin Smith Transportation Group

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