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Lauren & Evan's Sweet Summer Wedding at the Philadelphia Cricket Club

Updated: Jun 19

Lauren and Evan were married on a gorgeous summer day at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. I had previously worked with Lauren's older sister on her wedding invitations so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Lauren. Lauren and Evan wanted to set an overall vibe that was modern, sweet, and fun. The colors were soft, airy pink, ivory, and gray. Lauren describes wanting the wedding to feel bright and happy. Her bridal party wore blush pink.

The invitation suite and detail cards featured soft, romantic charcoal gray lettering on ivory stock. The main invitation was additionally backed with a thick, textured, and blush-silver stock. The paper was absolutely gorgeous and reflected tones of both pink and silver depending on how the light hit it. The gorgeous florals tied everything together at the historic Cricket Club. We asked Lauren a few questions after her wedding day and have shared her reflections and insights below. Stunning photography by Sarah Canning Photography.

How did you and Evan meet?

We met at a small college in central PA, called Messiah College. Because Messiah is such a small campus, it’s quite surprising that we didn’t meet until just about two weeks before graduation! I was a nursing major and always said I’d never have time for a boyfriend in nursing school, so it’s always seemed ironic I met Evan JUST before we graduated. We met through mutual friends, and neither of us was looking for a relationship, and what made it more difficult was that I moved 2 hours away from Evan a couple of weeks into our newfound dating relationship. Clearly, we made the distance work and things went pretty well for us ☺

Tell me a little about the proposal…

Evan somehow convinced me to go for a drive around his hometown on (what I thought was) a random Saturday in June. He showed me the house he grew up in, his elementary, middle, and high schools, his church growing up, the parks where he played baseball, and all different important places in his life. I had NO idea what was going on and was actually a bit bored seeing these schools and random places. Then, we went to a beautiful park between PA and NJ called Washington Crossing Park along the Delaware river, and started walking around, which I thought was a little weird and felt somewhat suspicious.

Evan took my hands and started talking about all these important places in his life and how they’ve changed and grown him over time. He explained that Washington Crossing Park hadn’t been very special to him, but it will be to us and then proceeded to get down on one knee and propose!!! I was shocked and so happy! The kicker was that he had my ring LOOSE in his pocket (no box!!) and when he held it up, the first thing I saw was a huge fuzzy stuck on top of the diamond flopping in the wind!

What (or who) did you find was your best resource for planning your wedding?

The knot!!! The knot was so great. Also, my friend gave me a book called “The Wedding Planner Checklist: a portable guide to organizing your dream wedding” that I would HIGHLY recommend. It had a time – table of everything you need to do and when, and it kept us on top of everything! My mom was also very helpful since she’s super organized and had planned a wedding before for my sister.

What surprised you most about planning your wedding?

How FUN it is!! I hear so many people talk about how stressful it is, and I’ll admit, it was a bit difficult at times. But I’d say those stressful times were few and far between, and overall it was so exciting!

What was your inspiration for your wedding day details?

Simple and classic style, light summery colors… we wanted the day to feel bright and happy, so went with pale pink and charcoal gray with ivory and eucalyptus green colors as well.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Our ceremony!! Where it allll happened! I loved our ceremony and tried to take every part and moment of it in. I loved the depth and weight of the words we were saying, vows we were taking, and the gravity of the situation that was taking place.

Best part of the wedding planning?

The excitement!!! We were SO excited for our day and loved thinking/dreaming of how it would be. I also looooooved the cake tastings ;)

What advice will you give your friends getting married?

Your wedding will be one day of your life, hopefully, an amazing, fun, exciting, joyful day, but it is just one day. Don’t forget in all of your wedding planning to also plan for your marriage; which will be the rest of your life. DO the pre-marital counseling, take it seriously. Have hard conversations, work at your relationship, put each other first. And HAVE FUN!

Enjoy the engagement stage, and while details can be important, try to focus on the main goal. When we were deciding about what color shoes the ring bearers should wear and couldn’t agree, we’d remind ourselves: at the end of the day, we’re still going to get married. That perspective makes shoe colors seem much less important.


Ceremony & Reception Location:  The Philadelphia Cricket Club

Photographer:  Sarah Canning Photography

Videographer:  Yours Truly Media

Florist:  Robertson’s

Musicians and DJ:  Pat & Sean Kelly

Dress:  Country Bride & Gent

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