• Amy Hammond

The Easy Life

I just spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with my family.  We walked the streets and talked about how easy our lives are now compared to the 1700’s.  We visited many of the little shops and trades and the printer.  The printer!  It is so easy to type something up on the computer and print it or send it out on the internet.  Newspapers, magazines, books, kindles – all available to the masses.  Make a mistake?  Highlight and change it or delete it altogether.  The Viriginia Gazette, published from 1736 -1750, required 25 hours work to set type for one page!  And it all had to be set backwards!  The newspaper was available to the community, but owning a book was a sign of wealth & education.

What a great experience to think about how difficult life was and to appreciate all that people did to make our lives easier now.  It was quite a hot day with a little whining from my kids, but so easy.

{© 2012 Stone Hill Paperie | Amy Hammond | Photo © Colonial Williamsburg}


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