• Amy Hammond

The Thank You Note Question

I was recently asked by a friend about thank you notes. She had just received a thank you note for a wedding gift that she had given to a couple. “The thank you note was pre-printed, they didn’t even sign it. Is that what people are doing now?”

After a wedding it is A LOT of work to write those thank you notes. I get it, believe me. Hand cramps from writing 150 thank you notes are no laughing matter. But here’s the thing; when people attend your wedding and buy a gift for you or give you money, a hand-written thank you note is much more personal. It tells the gift giver that you value the time and expense that they spent on you.

As a stationer, the more design and printing jobs I get, the better. If you want me to print the note for you, I will. Please also know that I will leave enough space at the bottom for a personal note and your own signature. I know, I’m a pain that way.

My advice is to write 5 notes a day until you are done and mail them all at once when you are finished. You’ll be glad you did it and your guests will definitely feel more appreciated.

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