• Amy Hammond

Top 5 Tips for a Campfire Gathering

"Light a campfire and everyone’s a storyteller." -John Geddes

The leaves are falling at my house a little faster than I would like. It makes me think of all the fun fall activities coming up and reasons to have a little gathering. One of my favorites is a little get together with friends around a campfire. I’ve been having campfire parties since I was in high school. The parties have changed greatly since then. I now love having lanterns and twinkling lights near the campfire and around food & drink tables. Here are my favorite tips for sharing time around a campfire with friends:

1. Most important is safety. Have a water source handyntomout out a fire if necessary

2. When the nights get cooler, a basket of blankets is good to have for guests.

3. S’mores are a must have. Have fun with these by providing different kinds of cookies. Chocolate-covered graham crackers are delicious! Peeps makes fall marshmallow treats. When cooked over the fire, the sugar crisps up to add a delicious sugary crunch.

4. Warm cider is so nice on a cool evening. Having some dark spiced rum or butterscotch schnapps to add for the grown ups is a nice touch.

5. Sparklers for the kiddos (or big kids) Is always fun! Lighting them off the fire makes it so easy. Having a bucket of water nearby to drop the hot sparkler sticks into when they burn out is a great safety tip.

Invite some friends over and have a fun evening around the campfire this fall!

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