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Using Wax Seals on Wedding Invitations and Wedding Day Items

This week I am focused on wax seals. Wax seals on invitations are a beautiful way to add a vintage touch of elegance and a 3-dimensional accent. Wax seals were historically used to verify that a letter had been unopened, and often had a family crest or insignia used to show proof of sender.

Originally, wax seals were created by pouring liquid wax on the envelope and stamp it to create a design. Depending on the application, I usually use a type of glue gun for wax sticks to create the seals or order pre-made seals with adhesive. When using the wax sticks to create the seals, I have learned some tricks to make these beautiful. The pre-made seals are still just as authentic and you wouldn't know the difference for the most part. Click here for a video showing how to create a wax seal on a folder, on a silpat for later use, and with some embellishments.

Wax seals add a touch of luxury to your wedding stationery. There are so many applications for seals on invitations and in your wedding day stationery. I love to create a custom seal with a couple's initials or monogram and provide a keepsake stamp for the couple to have an a sweet heirloom from their wedding that can be used for years to come.

Pocket Folder Seal

Creating a wax seal is so relaxing to me. If you want, you can create several ahead of time and use an adhesive to add them to your project later. That way, you can create the wax seals ahead of time and pick the best looking seals to use. When making your own wax seals, you can get creative and add some lavender buds or foil flecks.

Wedding invitation with wax seals with foil and lavender buds

Wax Seals Inside the Wedding Invitation

Wax seals aren't only for envelopes anymore. I love seeing them inside of an invitation. Whether being used to keep a ribbon wrapped around an invitation or attached to the top of an invitation as a crest, you can't deny that the wax seal adds a touch of luxury to your invitation.

organic wax seal with ribbon on wedding invitation

Wax Seals on Wedding Day Details

In addition to invitations, wax seals can be used as added design element table numbers, escort cards, on favors, as a napkin wrap, etc.

wax seal on table numbers

Wax Seal Stickers

You don't have to melt wax and stamp each envelope to have a beautiful wax seal. There are several companies that create wax seal stickers. You can purchase pre-made designs or have a designer like myself create the seal for you. Of course, I still always order the seals with an heirloom keepsake stamp for you to keep and use.

wax seal stickers

Invitation Envelope Seal

Of course, there is always the beloved envelope seal for your wedding invitations. There are some additional things to consider about postage and mailing when using a wax seal on the outside of your invitation envelope. I'll be sharing more about this in my next blog post.

custom gold wax seal on a wedding invitation

Different Shapes (square, oval, circle) Different sizes

Artistic license - drips of wax

Some additional notes on wax seals:

  • Adding wax seals adds a bit of time to the assembly of your invitations and that means added cost. I offer wax seals as an optional upgrade so that my clients can see how it will impact the overall price of their invitation suite.

  • Wax seals don't always have to be round. There are some beautiful square and oval seals as well as different sizes.

  • Don't look for perfection in a wax seal. Beauty lies in the imperfections. Sometimes some little wax splatters can be a happy accident that you want to continue through all of your pieces.

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