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Wedding Guest Welcome Bags

A big part of planning a wedding is being a good host. When guests are traveling to celebrate your wedding with you, a welcome bag is the perfect way to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

When you have hotel rooms blocked, you can have the bags at the front desk for your guests to receive at check in. These can be as simple as a welcome note, water bottle(s) and a snack or you can go all out and make these welcome gifts full of meaningful items to you as a couple and the location of your wedding.

wedding welcome bag

Welcome Gift Bag

A guest's welcome bag can be created simply by using a gift bag in whatever color you choose. Add a custom tag or label branded with your wedding invitation design elements, colors, fonts. Floral elements, monograms and crests are all beautiful additions to the welcome bag.

Gable Box

Putting together a beautiful package of treats made even more gorgeous by adding labels with design elements that have been woven throughout all of the wedding stationery. A welcome note with the wedding itinerary keeps your guests informed of everything that is happening and when.

Other ideas for welcome gifts for your hotel guests are a gift box, a tote bag, a basket, etc. Whatever you choose, you just want to make sure that it is something that is easy to carry for your guests unless you arrange room delivery with the hotel ahead of time.

What to include in your welcome gifts:

You definitely want to include some things that will make sure your guests are comfortable.

- welcome note and wedding itinerary

- water bottles

- snacks (popcorn, pretzels, trail mix, etc.)

Some optional nice extras to include:

- breakfast bars

- gum or mints

- a custom do not disturb sign

- small packets of pain reliever and stomach medicine

- local maps

- a sweet custom map with suggested local hotspots/attractions

- meaningful local items (local snacks, drinks, etc.)

- wine and/or beer

- hand sanitizer

- custom masks, disposable face masks, or cloth masks

- flipflops

- sunglasses

- custom monogrammed cups or glasses

Whatever you decide to do, have fun with this! Your guests will be thrilled that you thought of them and made the travel more comfortable. Happy guests = a fun & memorable wedding!

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