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When You Can't Be Together

Updated: Jan 4

The challenges facing our traditional gatherings this year have been many. I love a party and I still want to celebrate with my family and friends. This year I, like all of us, have become a little more creative in how to make that happen. I'm hand delivering and shipping themed boxes for virtual gatherings.

Virtual Toast

When my small business group decided to hold our annual holiday office party virtually, I didn't want this year to go by without doing something special. I created a virtual toast box with branded coasters and stickers for snacks. I included a hand engraved glass for each of the ladies in my group with each of their initials created for my by my extremely talented friend, Ren of Engraved by Ren. I personalized the beverage to toast with based on their favorite drinks, added some mini bries & crackers, homemade cookies and chocolates, and a super cute German chocolate Santa. We zoomed, toasted, laughed and celebrated making it through another year!


Since we aren't able to have a big Christmas dinner this year, we will be having our separate dinners and will be gathering virtually for a game of BINGO. I printed random BINGO cards and packaged boxes with snacks and gifts for my parents, nieces and nephews, cousins and siblings. We have fun goodies to eat, small gifts for the kids to open and a game of BINGO to play on zoom! We are really looking forward to this special time. It will be a lot of fun!

Beer Tasting

My husband and I usually kick off the week of Christmas with a Winter Solstice Beer Tasting evening. Everyone brings beer to share and we all enjoy sampling beers and just spending a really casual evening with good friends. This year, like with all of our other celebrations, we are going virtual. We wanted to support our favorite local restaurant, the Butcher and Barkeep. The team at Butcher put together 6 packs for our "guests" to purchase and we encouraged everyone to order take out dinners from the restaurant as well. We will be gathering on Zoom and we have a themed trivia game lined up for everyone to play.

I hope you all find your special ways to share some holiday spirit this year! I love brainstorming these ideas, if you want to talk through your gathering challenges or have ideas for some custom virtual boxes I would love to chat!

Happy Holidays!

Amy Hammond

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